10" Signed Fedoskino Wintry Town Russian Lacquer Box

Up for sale is this Stunning Wintry Russian Lacquer Box from the village of Fedoskino! The details in this wintry scene are truly amazing on EVERY side of the box! The photos really don't do justice to the beautiful Mother Of Pearl paint! This Russian Lacquer Box measures approximately 10" x 2 3-4" x 2" tall and is in very good condition! This box was purchased in Russia for $240. At the bottom of this scene it is signed in Russian, unfortunately we cannot translate the artist's name, just the village of Fedoskino.

Fedoskino is the site of the country's oldest lacquer miniature industry. In the late 18th century merchant I.P.Korobov set up a factory of lacquer production in the village of Danilkovo (now Fedoskino) near Moscow, which in the early 19th century was inherited by the son-in-law P.V.Lukutin. He increased its out put, and in 1828 earned the right to stamp the inner side of creative quests, perfection of painting technique and decorative ornamentation. The Lukutin lacquers became known abroad. The Lukutin lacquer miniature was popular for its high artistic workmanship.The painting was done by oils,which compact brushwork and fine"transparent"strokes. Gold leaf and metallic powders were often used that showed through the translucent coat of paint. Lukutin lacquer painting enjoyed the influence of Russian realistic art.The artists' proximity to folklore prompted the creation of highly popular images. Scenes of tea-parties, women's gathering and troika's rides won great favour with the people.

The art of painting on papier-mâché boxes began in the late eighteenth century in Danilkova, a village near Moscow. Soon it was brought to Fedoskino, Palikh, Kholui, and Mystera where it is still a thriving art form. The Russian lacquer boxes are primarily constructed of cardboard that is glued, pressed together, and cut to specific sizes. Once oven dried and cured, several coats of lacquer are applied inside and out and the boxes are cleaned and polished to a smooth finish. The box is ready to be transformed into a small miracle reflecting the artist's reflection of a chosen fairy tale, song, legend, opera, or ballet. Since these stories are passed down generation to generation, each Russian lacquer box may represent the version of the tale as told to the artist. 

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