Palekh Signed Russian Lacquer Box Prince Princess King

Up for sale is this Stunning Prince Princess & King Russian Lacquer Box from the village of Palekh! The details on this this box are simply amazing! The photos really don't do justice to the beautiful artwork! This Russian Lacquer Box measures approximately 5" x 3-1/2" x 1-1/2" tall and is in very good condition with some minor signs of wear including some scratches. This box was originally purchased in Russia. At the bottom of this scene it is signed in Russian, unfortunately we can only translate just the village of Palekh. Maybe you know what it says?

Boxes from Palekh might well enjoy the highest world-wide acclaim. The lacquer art of Palekh has been called "a small miracle", a label particularly fitting since that the village specialized in icon-painting for centuries until the 1917 Russian revolution. To many collectors, Palekh boxes have the most elegant look to them. When you hold one in your hand, you know you are holding something truly special. Most often in Palekh works, innumerable fine lines of gold leaf, polished to a glow by a wolf's tooth, are applied to the ornamental border and drawing itself. A simple one-color background then provides a beautiful contrast to the gold leaf and scene itself. This background, usually black, also serves to take the observer into a new world where one's concept of time and space is left to the imagination.

Russian lacquer boxes are among the most beautiful and distinctive of that country's art achievements in the 20th century. The boxes feature intricately hand-drawn miniature paintings based on a variety of themes, including fairy tales, poems, country life, troikas, landscapes, battle scenes, and old art masterpieces. They get their name from the many layers of lacquer (most often, black and red) that are applied to both their outside and inside sections. Coats of clear lacquer, or varnish, are the last layers to be put on and provide a stunning shine to the box.

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